Free Fire

What’s up, everybody?

This time, it’s a solo talk about the new action flick from director Ben Wheatley,

Free Fire

This isn’t going to be long; in fact, it’s probably best to describe it as quick and dirty, but you’ll get the gist of it.



Welcome back!

This time out we’re talking about the new Chris Evans movie


Also starring Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate, and introducing Mckenna Grace, Gifted is the story Frank, of man trying to raise his genius niece, Mary, to be a “normal” kid, just as his dead sister wanted.

Throw in a grandmother who drove her equally gifted daughter to the brink of success and despair, and you’ve got a pretty nice set-up.

Does it live up to its potential?

Let’s find out.


Best Friends – “Gifted” Movie Team-up

Hey, everyone! Just a quick note.

I’ll be posting our review of the new movie Gifted tonight, but wanted to share some information on this outstanding team-up between Fox Searchlight and the Best Friends Animal Society.

Click HERE to find out how you can support this great organization and help save some animals.

Enjoy our review later, and go save an animal and make a friend for life.

All my animals are rescues, and always will be.


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