Bonus Time! Another look behind the curtain.

Hello, everyone! Welcome back!

It’s time for another VSMP Bonus Episode!

This one isn’t available on the podcast feed, so those iTunes-only folks are going to miss out. But not you. Nope. You’re awesome, so you get to hear this.

Ever wonder what goes on outside of the finely (or not so finely) crafted bits of audio that flow across our podcast feed and into your ears?

No, I didn’t think so, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

This is a bit of audio from prior to our recording session for the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 episode, where Ryan and I talk briefly about one film that showed at the Sundance Film Festival, and another movie, this one a ridiculous (ridiculously good) action romp.

It’s just a couple of minutes, but this kind of pre-game chit-chat gets us warmed up for the talk-fest to follow.

So sit back, enjoy, and don’t forget to share us with your friends!

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