Disney and Streaming Services – WTFWT?

Welcome, everybody! This is the first iteration of a new feature here at the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast. You see, every so often, we kind of get off-topic during our recording sessions, and I have to edit those bits out so the episodes make sense.


But sometimes the stuff we tangent off into is a fun bit of fluff, so I save them. Now I’ve decided to turn them into a separate (but equal) set of mini-episodes that will still show up in the feed for your enjoyment.

I’ll let you listen to the episode to figure out what I’ve decided to call this offshoot of VSMP, but for reference purposes, I’ll call it “WTFWT?”

So here’s the first shot. I’ll be playing catch up with previous bits of audio, and will add them as they arise going forward.


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