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Immediate Reaction: Infinity War – NO SPOILERS

Hey, all. This isn’t any old first reaction video. Even though Jason and I were both at tonight’s FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention private screening, we’re still processing what we just watched, and will be recording our full with Ryan tomorrow.

No, this is the first reaction of a fellow FanX  fan, who was also at the screening.

Her name is Emily, and she graciously took a brief moment to evaluate–in general terms, mind you: no spoilers allowed–what she thought of the movie.

Keep your ears peeled for our full review later tomorrow, and have a great weekend!

“Chimera” is winning awards

That’s right, folks, that little indie sci-fi film, Chimera,  we reviewed back in February is starting to gather some well-deserved attention at film festivals.

[Be sure to click the link above to check out our thoughts on the film.]


Chimera poster

is the first film by writer/director Maurice Haeems, and tells the story of a scientist driven to ethical and scientific extremes in an attempt to save his sick children. Driven to unlock the secrets hidden in the DNA of an “immortal” jellyfish, Quint (played brilliantly by Henry Ian Cusick) engages in research that will push the debate on stem cells, animal testing, and genetics.


of the Indie Spirit Best Picture Award at the

Boston International Film Festival (BIFF)

[along with Cinematographer David Kruta’s award for Indie Spirit Best Cinematography]


the Best Sci-Fi Feature Award at the

Phoenix Film Festival (PFF),

Chimera is now off to play London (SCI-FI London International Film Festival) as the Opening Night Feature, and Spain (The Bilbao Fantastic Film Festival), before returning home to New York and the New York Independent Film Festival.

Chimera awards

We here at the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast wish to congratulate all those folks involved in creating this inventive piece of science fiction.

A Batman Observation…

I’m laying in my hotel room, recovering from day 2 at Fan Expo Dallas, and The Dark Knight Rises is on TV.

I don’t think it has held up as well as The Dark Knight.

Not sure why, exactly, of course.

Maybe it’s the unreality of it all. I mean, it’s a comic book movie and all, but still…

It just doesn’t ring as real as TDK did, all things considered.

Still an entertaining piece of cinema, though, especially in light of where DC has gone since.

Ready Player One – Disclaimer

Here at the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast, we have always been honest about our preconceived notions regarding movies that we’re reviewing for you guys.

Therefore, since we’re going to talk about

Ready Player One

next week, I thought I would give you all a look at my original review of the book on which the movie is based.

[Sorry if it seems self-serving to link you all to my (other) blog, but it’s easier than trying to regurgitate it all during the podcast. Click the link below.]

Enjoy, and we’ll see you all next week!

“Ready Player One” Ernest Cline