Meet the VSMP Crew

Learn a little something about the Visually Stunning crew.

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Mark W Woodring

Mark is an Air Force veteran (21 years, retired!), holder of an Associate’s Degree in Avionics, an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science, and a Master’s degree in English Literature. He enjoys classic rock, b-grade sci-fi films, and the feeling he gets when he can’t mow the lawn because it’s raining.

Mark has authority issues, unless he’s the one in the position of authority, then he’s totally okay with it. He conceived, built, and edits the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast, but is incredibly grateful to Jason and Ryan for coming along for the ride. He realizes that, while he may like to hear himself talk, it helps to have some competing voices around to keep his BS to a minimum.

Mark also has a couple minor publication credits, and even a short film story credit. When he’s not blathering into the microphone for the VSMP, he maintains a WordPress blog (MyOwnLittleShadow), where he writes about movies, television, comic cons, his writing career (such as it is) and anything else that pops into his head.

You can follow Mark’s other pursuits at the aforementioned MyOwnLittleShadow or on twitter (@mwwoodring).

Jason Smith

Jason is, by his own admission, the least qualified member of the VSMP Crew. When Mark first shared the idea for the podcast, his quote was “I’ve been thinking of starting a movie review podcast; myself, a film critic friend (Ryan), and we need someone who likes movies and talking about movies. You were the top of the list…” He is an unabashed fan of the sci-fi and superhero genres with an impressive (some might call it disturbing) ability to recall pop-culture facts on the fly and generally relishes his role as “Random Guy Who Likes Movies”.

Jason’s movie reviewing approach is to assume the average person is capable of deciding for themselves what they like, based on the marketing and existing franchise (if any). He just tries to let the audience know how well a movie delivered on what was advertised, because who doesn’t hate it when a movie is marketed as something totally different from what it is?

And before anyone asks why Mark was so mean in this bio, you need to realize this was all written by Jason…

Isn’t writing about yourself in the third person really weird?

Ryan M Painter

In work

The movie review and news podcast!