Hell or High Water

Ryan and I are going to take a look back at one of his favorite movies of 2016, and one which I recently–finally–got around to seeing:

Hell or High Water

Released in the middle of August, and starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster, the film has only grossed around $38 million at the box office, but managed to nab FOUR Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor.

So let’s talk about this critical, yet not box-office destroying, gem of a movie.

The Disappointments Room

This movie finally worked its way to the top of the Netflix queue after having been there for months, continually being bumped down the list as it was supplanted by other movies I wanted to see more.

But, it arrived, so I watched it.

Here’s how it went:

Trope, trope, trope.

Family tragedy.

Trope, trope, trope.

Creepy, old, country house.

Trope, trope.

Ahh, “spooky.”

Trope, trope, trope.

“Creepy” room.

Trope, trope, trope.

“Disturbing” ending.

Basically, this movie checked off all the Writing, Acting, and Directing boxes for me: all the BAD Writing, Acting, and Directing boxes, that is.

There’s a word for this movie, and it’s in the title.


This is a little film that Ryan and I saw back in January during the Sundance Film Festival.


You may have heard about this one, as it garnered quite a reputation on the festival circuit. It opened in limited release this weekend, hopefully with a wider release to follow.

If you haven’t heard about it, you’re in for a treat (if you’re a horror fan).

With that, let’s chow down on Raw.

Superheroes and How to Depict Them

While that title might sound a little lofty, here’s what you’re going to get: we’re going to talk about how superhero movies have both succeeded and failed in depicting their heroes.

What this means is that we touch on everything from Logan, to Deadpool, to The Amazing Spiderman, to the upcoming DC movies (especially The Flash) to The Fantastic Four, John Wick, and more.

Heck, we even sneak in a Star Wars reference as we break down what, in our eyes, makes these types of movies succeed or fail.

Do we tangent?

Oh, yes. Yes, we do. Mightily. Sorry about that, but it’s a hazard of the job, really. Can’t be helped.

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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