John Wick TV Series – WTFWT?

Here we go, with another round of WTFWT?

This time, it’s a quick little aside about the announced television series based in the John Wick universe,

The Continental.

Disney and Streaming Services – WTFWT?

Welcome, everybody! This is the first iteration of a new feature here at the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast. You see, every so often, we kind of get off-topic during our recording sessions, and I have to edit those bits out so the episodes make sense.


But sometimes the stuff we tangent off into is a fun bit of fluff, so I save them. Now I’ve decided to turn them into a separate (but equal) set of mini-episodes that will still show up in the feed for your enjoyment.

I’ll let you listen to the episode to figure out what I’ve decided to call this offshoot of VSMP, but for reference purposes, I’ll call it “WTFWT?”

So here’s the first shot. I’ll be playing catch up with previous bits of audio, and will add them as they arise going forward.


Winchester – S03E03

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you’ve survived the bulk of the deadly flu season unscathed. We have, and now that movie season is really starting to fill back in, we’re ready to talk about our next film.


Starring Helen Mirren, Sarah Snook, and Jason Clarke, Winchester is “inspired by” true events: those events being the building of an incredibly eclectic home in San Jose, California in the early 1900s by Sarah Winchester.

Heiress of the Winchester Repeating Rifle Company, Sarah spent years building and rebuilding  what is now known as the Winchester House. Why?

This movie draws on some of the most pervasive legends and gossip that have arisen through the years and runs with them.

Let’s talk.

Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl footage.

Marvel teased some more of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War during the Super Bowl, and I just have one or two questions:

What is the runtime on this going to be: Three hours? The Russo brothers are going to have their hands full to balance the screen time for all the heroes to prevent complaints that “such-and-so was just a cameo,” and the like. That would be a shame.

Thanos looks better here than he did in the earlier trailer, but someone pointed out that may be a trick of the light, so the jury is still out on that one.

Steve Rogers’/Captain America’s/Nomad’s new Wakandan shield certainly looks cool, but its functionality will be 100% NOT what we—or he, for that matter—is used to. Will it impact his fighting style/effectiveness? We shall see.

A couple of times I thought the CGI looked a bit… wonky. I hope that’s a result of them not actually being 100% completed yet.

If Tom Holland can’t keep a secret about the movie, it’s just a reflection of the fact Spider-Man can’t keep his damned mask on. It’s Peter Parker in Spider-Man pajamas in this footage, too, lol. The mask is there for a reason, Pete!

Overall, I’ve got enough faith in Marvel, and the Russo Brothers, to be worried about this film at a level of approximately 3%. Why 3%? Because you never really know, and unlike some people, if this film manages, somehow, to fall into that 3%, I’ll be ready to talk about it honestly.

But I don’t expect that to happen.

Definitely hoping for an early screening on this one, as well.

See you in May!

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