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Cronus – Phoenix Comicon Film Festival

Hello, everyone! Mark here with another mini-episode for you.

Since I’m traveling and covering Phoenix Comicon 2017,

I had a chance to see the independent, feature-length,

science fiction film,


during their film festival segment.

And interesting concept, but how well did writer/director Derek Presley pull it off?

Lets find out.


After taking off for our Comic Con, geek-filled weekend, the VSMP crew is back at it!

This time we’re going to talk about the new sci-fi thriller


Continue reading Life

“The Space Between Us”

This time around, Ryan and I are rejoined by Jason, who is finally back among us now that real life is done kicking his ass.

Let’s take a look at

The Space Between Us

starring Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman, and Carla Gugino.

It’s… well, let’s talk about what it is.

Episode 13 – Arrival

I don’t know if we said it last episode or not, but I, for one, have really been looking forward to this movie since I saw the trailer.

Arrival poster.jpg

And now it’s here.

Sci-fi with a brain? A real brain? Not just lasers and cool effects?

Listen up and find out for yourselves as Jason, Ryan and I talk about Arrival.

We’re taking a bit of different tack to our review this time around, as we explain in the opening. Hope you enjoy it.

Strap in, because this film will make your head swim!