Chimera – S03E04

This is a quick look at a movie I got a screener for and, as a sucker for a good sci-fi (A, B, C, or D movie), I was excited to watch.


Written and directed by Maurice Haeems, and starring Henry Ian Cusick of Lost (along with a surprising appearance by the always wonderful Kathleen Quinlan), Chimera is an interesting take on the timeless tale of a tragic scientist, toiling away in the face of great personal loss, to attempt the impossible.

Impossible, unethical, immoral… understandable?

Let’s see.

Oh, and apologies for a couple spots in the audio that get… funky. The upside of recording without a script is that the discussion is always LIVE. The downside is that sometimes the technology can play with you,  like a gremlin, and there’s no way of knowing it until you’re done.

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